Easter at Dover

Easter in Dover ... the outlook from the house was straight onto the bay ...

Boats at Sunrise

... and over the wharf at night ...

Night Lights

We spent most days reading and walking the dogs around the local beaches ...

Dover Beach

... usually followed by sitting overlooking the bay and having a wine or 3 ...

Boats at Sunset

The Flickr album is here

New Family Member

We have a new family member, a harp! It's made by Camac. It is pretty awesome, and I get to listen to harp music all day :)

New Harp

I'll try to get a recording up soon.

O'Carolan's Dream

I've finally got around to doing some more recording, this is one of O'Carolan's pieces.

There are more pieces I recorded a while ago on my soundcloud profile, follow this link. There are more links, to other things in the links page

New Blog System!

I've found a way of blogging that suits my needs

I've stopped using ikiwiki, and have moved to using jekyl and hyde. There is a bit of extra work to get it partially automated, but this is simple enough to do. Jekyll is a hell of a lot easier to use, and Hyde handles the basic theming and prettiness, enough to live with anyway.

There is more info regarding this on the about page


A few friends of mine are setting up a WAN around our Lenah Valley, a few of the other links have been checked out. Today we investigated the link from my place. It was always going to be a bit harder for my place, as there is a bit of a hill in the way, so we have opted for a 900MHz link. The initial test using the built in antenna worked well enough to give us a theoretical 3Mb/s. Whilst thats not much, it was also from just standing at the front door holding the antenna by hand. Hopefully with a more directional antenna we'll be able to get some more speed out of it.

First stop will be a yagi antenna:

  • RF Shop
  • Wireless Professional Solutions