Dell SAS-iSCSI bridge

The documentation for the Dell SAS-iSCSI bridge is generally pretty good. The one thing that is fails to mention that stuck me for a few minutes is that the web GUI won't work with firefox, with every attempt to login in resulting in an obscure message saying that someone else is already configuring the system. Switching to Chrome gets around this.

Southern ocean

The cold water tesing voyage was run early in 2015 to test the cold water and atmospeheric capabilities of the RV Investigator. The trip went really well, we had a mixture of rough seas and beautiful calm ocean. With a mixture of birds and sealife escorting us most of the way. The science testing went really well and we were greeted by an Aurora Australis on 2 of the 3 clear nights we had. The best one was at around 57 degrees south, but we saw it again a few nights later at around 60 deg south.

RV Investigator test voyage

Here are some photos from the recent testing of the RV Investigator, the first two are of the back deck in a pretty rough patch out past Maria Island.

One and a half walks up Pelion West

Here are some photos from our recent walk to Pelion West. We spent 3 nights at the Pelion Hut, coming in from the Arm River track. The first day was a total white out, we made it half way up before turning back, without acutally seeing the mountain due to the horrible weather. The second day was amazing, some very light, high cloud, and sunny still day.

Pelion West is also one of the toughest mountains climb, there is a decent walk along the overland from Pelion hut to the start of the mountain track. Followed by some scrub bashing uphill until the scrub open out to the base of the mountain. The mountain itself has a steep ascent up a slippery track until you reach the boulders. At that point you have to pick a path up and across the boulders, which is only vaguely marked, and even when it is, there are some big gaps to jump and climb.

If you do make it to the top on a clear day, Pelion West has some of the best views of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair Park, you can see Cradle Mountain and Barn Bluff to the north, Mt Ossa, Pelion East, some of the DuCane range to the south, and far of to the south west you can see Frenchmans Cap.

Website Gallery Options

I've been meaning to setup a gallery for photos for ages, so far I have a mess up of using Flickr and images stored locally on my server.