Website Gallery Options

I've been meaning to setup a gallery for photos for ages, so far I have a mess up of using Flickr and images stored locally on my server.

RV Investigator Arrival

The RV Investigator arrived in Hobart on Tuesday 9 September at around 10am, the offical CSIRO blog for the ship is the CSIRO FRV Blog with a whole bunch of info. I currently work at CSIRO on the Investigator supporting the data acquisition and other IT systems, so I'll be updating this site with photos and info every now and then.

Backyard Work

The full works, still a bit more to do on the veggie boxes, but we're getting there...

Citrix Receiver on Ubuntu 14.04

Citrix support for Linux is currently (and has been for some time) completely attrocious, I have a previous post about this same issue. They do provide a deb and rpm version of Citrix reciever. The deb certainly has issues, and the rpm apparently does as well. Apart from the 32 bit and 64 bit packages being basically the same (ie the 64 bit version has 32 bit dependencies) the 64 bit package also lists requirements that no longer exist in most 64 bit distributions.

Updating Owncloud to Version 7

I decided to update my owncloud instance to version 7 and came across a problem where the database update errored out due to an issue with primary key conflicts in the ocu_lucene_status. lucene is the full text search engine by apache. I was able to get around it by truncating the table and redoing the update.