Zermatt - Chur

Today was the sad trip leaving Zermatt, we could easily have stayed for a few more days. However the Glacier Express was a good trip through the hills of Switzerland and had some great views. There aren't many photos from the train ride as it is difficult to get a photo without glare on the train windows getting in the way.

Zermatt Day 2

Day 2 in Zermatt was forecast to be cloudy and snowy, so we planned on doing some walks around the low lying areas. The forecast was completely wrong, and it was a beautiful clear (cloudless) day. We were kicking ourselves for not getting a 3 day lift pass, but we still got some amazing views. We spent the morning walking up to Z'Mutt and taking photographs of the Matterhorn. It was still pretty cold, only a few degrees, especially with the wind, but it was nice to be out in the sun walking through the hills.

Zermatt Day 1

This was the first of two full days in Zermatt, we had some great clear (for the most part) weather and took advantage of it by going up to Gornergrat and up to the Matterhorn lookout.

Geneva - Zermatt

Today was a train ride from Geneva to Zermatt. The trip is in two sections, the main line to Visp, then a train along a private line to Zermatt.

Geneva Day 2

Day 2 in Geneva was wet and colder ... about 13 deg C. We had breakfast and planned our day. Along with having no bag arrive for me, I somehow broke my phone while trying to change the SIM card. It had previously had a ascreen problem that had been repaired. so I guess that me poking inside it didn't help ... I also partly blame being jetlagged :P On the way out to CERN we stopped in at swisscom and I picked up a new phone.