Our last day in Swizerland was in Basel. We took the train from Interlaken in the morning and dropped our bags at the Hotel (Hotel Euler) and went looking around town. Our first stop was at a cafe in the park, where we spent the last of our swiss franks(*). We were 10 rappen short, but we told the lady at the cafe how we were leaving Switzerland that day and were getting rid of our money and she was very nice and let us off.

We went and saw some of the Basel landmarks, including the townhall, the water fountain, botanical garden the old archway that was part of the original wall.

We got back to the hotel after 6pm and had showers and wine in the hotel bar before dinner and bed. There were lots of great buildings and features in basel that we didn't get to see, you could easily spend a few days checking them out, as well as the museums and galleries.

(*) - We ended up needing more for lunch and other knick knacks