Up until recently, I've been running my website on wordpress on a Raspberry Pi from home. It got to the point now where looking after wordpress has become too annoying, so I went out in search of a different blogging/wiki system. What I have ended up using is ikiwiki ... its a wiki that is backed by git, rather then a database. This should remove one annoyance from the picture, as my wordpress blog quitye often fell over due to database issues. Whilst none of them were insurmountable, I've got better things to do than babysit a database.

The only other option that looks promising is Ghost, its a blogging system that was up on kickstarter a while ago, it will eventually become open source (I believe) but currently it isn't. If/When it becomes open I'll check it out and may end up moving again, but for the time being I like the simplicity of ikiwiki, and being able to commit directly to my blog with out necessarily having to use a web interface. That makes it easy to script the porting from wordpress :)