We went into Ubud for dinner, the place we are staying had a shuttle bus which makes life a bit easier. Seeing as there are no metered taxis out this way you have to negotiate a price up front every time you need a taxi, the price is pretty good, but the negotiation process can be tiresome after a long day. We got the shuttle in and headed down one of the main streets, Monkey Forest Rd, so called because of …. the money forest at the bottom of it. It is packed with shops, I don’t think I have ever seen so many wooden penis bottle openers in my life. After doing the stretch of shops we went back up to the top of the road and went to a restaurant called Cafe Lotus. It had fantastic food and drinks.

And we finally got our Pina Coladas! The restaurant was also running a ceremony up the back of the area, but we were too tired to go watch, and the drinks were too nice :-)

We were right near the Royal cremation ceremony, so we could hear the festivities. Apparently one of the last royals of a line had died, so it was quite a big thing, as they wouldn’t be another ceremony for someone of that caste again. It is also Ramadan at the moment we have been told. We headed home on the hotel shuttle bus and jumped in the pool for a dip before going to bed.