After arriving at the Cradle Mountain Wilderness Village, we unpacked our gear and went looking for a short walk to do.

The weather was pretty rainy so we went for the Dove Canyon Circuit, which is about 2.5 hours around. We started started out in the direction of Snake Hill, which took us through some button grass plains before turning off onto the circuit track.

The track is pretty rough in places, mainly overgrown so there is a fair bit of pushing through bushes. There was also a really steep downhill section as you head down towards the canyon.

The track continues around following the river, and you eventually get to a number of falls.

As we passed one of the smalled falles, a wombat came tearing across the track in front of Jules, then sat still long enough to get a few pictures :)

If you just wanted to see the falls its about 10 minutes from the ranger station, but instead of taking the right hand side track towards Snake Hill, you can take the other end of the loop, for us it was about 2 hours from the station as we went around the long way.