Day 2 in Geneva was wet and colder ... about 13 deg C. We had breakfast and planned our day. Along with having no bag arrive for me, I somehow broke my phone while trying to change the SIM card. It had previously had a ascreen problem that had been repaired. so I guess that me poking inside it didn't help ... I also partly blame being jetlagged :P On the way out to CERN we stopped in at swisscom and I picked up a new phone.

We went out to CERN to see the large hadron collider on the tram. Public transport in Geneva is really good, and it was easy to find the line and the tram to get on. Unfortunately only one of the exhibitions was open, but it was still pretty amazing to see.

After that we went into Old town to have a proper look around. The St Pierre Cathedral is amazing, and they have been digging out the old cathedral underneath which you can explore. It shows the iterations of buildings over hundreds of years from the first buildings, through the roman time, until now.

Following that we got a hot chocolate and coffee and went back to the hotel before dinner ... hopefully my bag will arrive tonight otherwise I'll be buying more clothes tomorrow.