Today was a train ride from Geneva to Zermatt. The trip is in two sections, the main line to Visp, then a train along a private line to Zermatt.

The scenery along the way was pretty amazing, but we didn't stop anywhere long enough to take photos, so there are none from today.

We arrived in Zermatt at around 1345 and had some lunch at the first place we came to. We were pretty hungry after the train ride. Swtizerland is a multi-lingual country, French was the main language in Geneva, but in Zermatt it is German.

In the afternoon we explored the village and gathered some information for the following few days, finding out what walks and tickets were needed to get to the surrounding peaks.

The two lines that are operating are the train up to Gornergrat and the Cable car up to the Matterhorn Glacier Palace.

We stayed in a small hotel called Hotel Tannenhof, the room was quite small, but the Hotel had a really nice communal lounge area, and the owners were very friendly. The hotl is just off the main street and right next to the most expensive place in the town, Hotel Zermatterhof. It looked very fancy, but was closed, we were there in the off season.

I spotted a number of hairdressers on the way in, 3 from memory, but I suspect there were a few more lurking around.