We arrived in Interlaken from Chur looking forward to being in the mountains again. The weather forecast for the next few days was looking a little bleak, but it was clear on the day we arrived so we made arrangements to go straight up to Schilthorn and got to Piz Gloria.

We weren't dissapointed, the view was amazing and because it was late in the day it was very quiet. Piz Gloria was where they shot some of the scenes from the James Bond movie On Her Majesties Secret Service. The Bond attractions were a bit on the annoying side, but the information about how they shot the movie was pretty interesting. Its defintely worth going up to on a clear day. The main viewing highlights are Jungfrau, Mönch, and Eiger ... three peaks with a story about them, but basically the monk is protecting the maiden from the ogre.

We came down on the last cable car down and didn't get back into Interlaken until after 8pm. I didn't realise before we arrived, but Interlaken is base for a lot of Bollywood movies, they use the alps for many scenes that they can't do in Indian, the Swiss Alps are a lot more accessible. So anyway, there are heaps or Indian restaurants in Interlaken. We went to Shanthi which was really good (we ended up going again on the last night).

The hairdresser count was a little low on the first day, with only 2 seen, but we were away from populated areas or on the train for most of the day.

The second day was supposed to start being cloudy/rainy weather, so we went up early to Grindelwald. The initial plan was to do some walks in the alpine areas, but we were advised that most of the tracks were closed and that it was still very snowy. So we went up to Grindelwald and took the First cable car to the top. The views were also reallly good, looking at the monk, maiden, ogre from the other side. We came down the cable car to Bort and walked down to Grindelwald. There was still some snow about at this level, but the moring was nice and warm (6 degrees!) and made for good walking through the hills, and plenty of photo opportunities.

When we got down to Grindelwald we took the train back to Interlaken and went and had a quick nap in the hotel room before dinner ... this turned out to be a mistake and we skipped dinner and went to bed early :P

The hairdresser count for day 2 was a dismal 0

In the flicker frame belowe you can see photos from Piz Gloria and Grindelwald, click the photos for a bigger version.