Our third day in Interlaken was pretty wet, it rained most of the day. We spent the day reading in cafes and walking along the streets.

Later in the afternoon we took the ferry to Thun, along Lake Thun. Unfortunately the cloud was very low and you couldn't see the alps in the background, but it was nice to spend the afternoon on the water drinking wine.

When we got to Thun we explored the streets a bit, but it was 5pm by that stage so we only had a few hours to look around. There are some photos in the flickr fram below.

We got the train back to Interlaken and had dinner at the same Indian restuarant that we went to a few nights earlier. We were going to try somewhere new, but when we went to look at the newly found place in person, it looked a little dodgy, so we decided to stick we what we knew to be good.