The final day (28/7/12) We woke up pretty hungover after finishing a heap of gin off the previous night. We still had a little bit of cointreau left too,but had to leave it. We spent the morning by thepool before checking out at noon. The Conrad have a departure lounge where you can hang out and have a shower, tea/coffee, etc before your flight. So we went and had lunch and had one last swim before heading up to the lounge to prepare to leave. We let the Conrad at 6pm for our flight at 10pm which gave us heaps of time … the Virgin flight hadn’t started checking people in when we arrived but it took a bit of time to dodge porters (they are everywhere) and get through the initial security. We ended up going through 2 security scans and a couple of customs and immigration lines … and everything is done manually which makes it slow sometimes. A lot of people didn’t know about the 150000rp departure tax which slowed down lines (we wouldn’t have either if we hadn’t been travelling with people who had been before). In the current airport the duty free section is right before a final security gate, but you can’t get through the waiting lounge until about an hour before your flight so we hung out in a little restaurant, Prada, which was reasonably crappy, but its an airport so I didn’t expect too much ;) We boarded our Virgin flight and had one of the most uncomfortable flights I can remember (despite being in the emergency exit isle). We are now sitting in the same cafe in the Melbourne airport as when we left, waiting for our Hobart flight. Hobart has turned on some welcome home weather for us, 10 degrees and raining for the next few days …. the polar opposite of what we just left.