We had a pretty lazy morning around the pool and a pretty lazy breakfast today. Jules and I went for another massage, in the fancy part of the complex (we are staying in the not fancy part, although it’s still pretty fancy). They have the purpose made massage rooms here.

Straight after that we were getting ready to catch to the 3 pm shuttle back into Ubed. The trip in from the hotel is normally a 15min trip, but an accident some where on the road made it really slow. That and quite a few massive coach style buses that really seem to be too big for the roads. We back talked and our driver took us through some back streets into Ubed. We walked back down Monkey Forest Rd to the actual monkey park and went through. The monkeys are pretty sneaky little buggers, one of them grabbed some thing out of the bag of an old British guy. He was quick enough to turn around and snatch it back, but the monkey had a real go at him.

They seem pretty well fed, as there are people out the front selling bananas to feed them. There are also banana skins every where, no comical slides though :-)

After a while we walked up Monkey Forest Rd again (past all the wooden penis shops) to a Jazz Bar we saw the previous night … and it was cocktail happy hour. After that it was getting dark, so we went off to look for a restaurant that Andrew and James had seen on the internet. It is called Wild Ginger, but we couldn’t find it in the dark. We got to the street we thought it was on, but the street was pitch black and had dogs barking at us all the way along, so we have our a miss and went back to another place that looked good, Three Monkeys. Dinner there was also really good, and the prices (like every where) were good too. On average is about 300000rp for 2 cocktails and a main … that’s about $30AUD. We left there and went up the the shuttle bus met point, We started negotiations for a taxi into Nusa Dua for tomorrow, ending up settling on 200000rp. It was 400000rp out from the airport, and that is closer, so that puts the airport taxi guys prices into perspective. None of the taxi we have run into yet have a meter, apparently we will start seeing them in Nusa Dua which will be a nice change from having to haggle every time. We are going to the Conrad in Nusa Dua, apparently it has a pool that you measure in hectares so that will be pretty cool. There’s also a water park in Kuta that we will hope fully get time to visit.