We spent most of the day (27/7/12) in the pool, James was at a Balinese cooking course (from Bumbu Bali restaurant) so we were taking it easy. We were thinking about going to a water park, but ended up liking being at the hotel pool more. We went down the beach front to a beach club with its own pool for lunch called Paon.

We got a taxi into Kuta late in the afternoon, it was packed full of Australians watching football and yelling, I am glad we stayed out where we did. Thre were some good shops though and we found a nice looking restaurant for dinner. They had some pretty interesting meals, Jules got satays which looked really good.

We went back to the hotel and realised we had a heap of spirits leftover, we finished them off (and are paying for it today) on the balcony while a wedding or something was happening around the hotel pool.

It was a pretty good last night, James and Andrew have one more night, but they get fireworks apparently, therewas a note on our bed to let us know itwas happening today.