Notes from my work trip to Singapore. Certainly a place I could go back to, if I did, I would probably look in the Boat Quay area for accommodation as there are plenty of food places around that area and its near the water.

I'm staying at the Orchard Rendezvous Hotel, its a pretty good location near a lot of high end shopping (which makes it a bit expensive).

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Orchard road is full of shopping malls, of many levels and easy to get lost in.  There are some good food courts on the lower levels of most of the plazas that aren't as touristy so not so expensive.

Little India and Chinatown are worth a trip and have lots of cools things to see and do (and eat). Although after a day of working its a bit of an effort.

Same goes for the Gardens by the Bay, the gardens are lit up at night and is worth a walk around. There are some touristy food places to eat at, probably better left for a weekend visit rather than after work.

Sentosa Island is also worth a trip, pretty easy to get to via public transport (like all of Singapore). There is an actual beach to swim at, and beach side 'clubs'.

Sentosa Island
Photo by Joshua Tsu / Unsplash