We travelled from Ubud to Nusa Dua yesterday (25/7/12), it took about an hour and a half for the trip. The distance isnt very far, but the top speed you hit is 60km/h …. mainly to do with the size of the roads, they are really narrow. We arrived at the Conrad at about 1pm and checked in. We were able to get rooms overlooking the pool and the ocean.

The pool is absolutely massive, we spent the afternoon by and in the pool. For dinner we went down the road to Bumbu Bali, it was packed which is always a good sign, but we knew of it because James is doing a cooking course with them tomorrow. The food was the best yet. I have been using rendang’s as my measuring stick, but didn’t have that at Bumbu …. the best rendang so far is just over the road from Bumba at a place called Coconut … they make fantastic rendang. On the wifi thing, i find it weird that the Furama in Ubed offered free wifi for guests yet you have to pay for it, or have a very limited connection at somewhere like the Conrad, but I’ll be leaving that in their feedback form.

Today is a pretty lazy day, everyone else went for a massage, but I’ve just been sitting at the pool reading and swimming. There is a pretty cool park that you can cut through from the beach front to get onto the road to Coconut and the rest of the strip.

I think we are going into some new mall thing a bit later, we are definitely in the more commercial area now, I think i preferred the quieter, but less flashy Furama to be honest, but it is still very nice … probably just depends what you are into. Not sure if there are any dinner plans yet, but going on the past it will be good, so far we have only had good to more or less degrees ;)